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Lock Repairs and Replacement

Locks and door handles are things that we take for granted, we expect them to work and are usually badly inconvenienced when they fail. Often we hear from people that have keys broken off in locks or handles/locks that have come off the door in their hands, whether it’s 5 am, 5 pm or any other time we can come out and repair or replace your lock. Given how important your security and safety is at the point where your locks have failed it’s a great time to look at upgrading your security, our locksmiths are fully trained to help you with those situations to make a decision that is best for you. We can handle urgent response repairs as well as scheduled or after hours maintenance, as the best way to avoid the mishaps is preventative maintenance.

To arrange a consultation or some work please call and talk to one of our Locksmiths today. 

 Repairs to electric drop bolt strike


CCTV is often considered a catch all that will solve all of your security problems and it can if it’d set up properly. It can aid in stock loss prevention, monitoring of work place, health and safety issues, identification of people for the purpose of prosecution by the law with regards to burglary, theft, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour as well as acting as a general deterrent. However as with all things and security especially for your efforts and expenditure to work you must plan them properly or else not only might they fail to give yield you the results that you are looking for but worse they may cost you more than initially thought or place you into a higher liability risk. When looking at CCTV systems there are some points that you should consider:


  • Are you aware and willing to comply with the recommended servicing periods to keep your machines in good working order?
  • Do you want to keep the recorded information on site or would you like to use an off site back up system as well?
  • How far back do you wish to be able to look at this footage for?
  • Is remote viewing of your site required?
  • Do you understand that it is a good habit to randomly review some of the footage even if no events or situations have been mentioned?
  • Will you be using this footage for identification purposes?
  • Do you know that you are required to place signs around the site advising people that they are being filmed, and do you understand that using these signs but not having the camera’s can make you liable for damages due to not having recorded an event or situation where the person thought that they were safe due to your signs?



These points are some of the reasons why it is very important that you choose an informed company to help you plan your security. At Sylverkey Locksmithing Services we take your security and safety seriously and will always find you the best solution.


 CCTV day night pencil camera






















Restricted Keys and Master Systems

Restricted keys are governed by multiple laws including but not limited to, patent and copyright, intellectual property, contract and criminal laws. To supply, install and advise on these types of locks and keys you are required to be licenced(Link to Licence register). Restricted keys help you maintain security and make people accountable for the security and safety of the team.  A lot of people mistake the terms master keys and restricted keys. Master keys are keys that work multiple locks and they allow you to structure  a way for a staff members to enter through the front door and then to enter their office but not allow them to enter another persons office. Restricted keys limit or restrict the actual cutting of the keys, this means that only the originating locksmith can cut the keys and that they require letters of authority to allow the keys to be cut. To find out more download our brochure here or call and talk to one of our friendly locksmiths about finding the best solution for you.


 pExtra anti bump restricted keying system from KABA







Alarm Systems and Monitoring Services

Alarm systems are a great idea and when correctly planned and installed add a huge amount of protection and security to your premise. They are a valuable addition to your overall security however, one often over looked area is the costs associated with the monitoring of your alarm system. Some points to consider are:

o The cost of gprs data services vs land line (premium phone numbers).
o The inherent short comings and security issues of fixed lines vs wireless data.
o If you choose to self monitor what will you do when faced by an intruder in the middle of the night? How will you monitor the system or respond to it if you are on the other side of town, at dinner or in a movie?


At Sylverkey Locksmithing Services we can supply and install alarm systems as well as provide you with quality monitoring services. 

If you would like more information or for one of our trained security experts to come out and perform a free site survey please call or email

 crow alarm system










Security Tips

If you are unsure of how secure your home or work place is call or email us to book a free site security assessment or we can email you a survey form [...]
Use a Stor-a-key key safe, not under the mat or in a pot for keeping your spare key in. The Stor-a-key key safe is a strongly constructed holder for [...]
Don't open your door to strangers, use a peep-hole viewer or a video intercom system this will help to remove the danger of opening your home to [...]
Make sure all of your keys are accounted for, if a spare key is missing or if you have unaccounted for keys get your locks rekeyed.
Never leave your mobile phone or keys near an open door or window. Simply by keeping your phone and keys out of sight you will reduce the likely hood [...]
Say hello to your neighbours. you don't need to live in each others pockets but a vigilant or observant neighbour will move a person along, intervene [...]


Keys cut and advice given to us on keys being hidden outside in specialty built cabinets, etc. Friendly helpful advice from a local business. Lots of products for sale and display.

Anonymous Memeber -

Original Testimonial

Again Sylverkey Locksmiths have shown true commitment to maintaining the safety of Moorooka-Salisbury Parish. Your advice regarding our lock system has proven to be highly valuable over our two sites and has provided a high level of reassurance to the parish regarding the safety and security of the properties. The service that your staff provide is prompt, courteous and respectful to the needs of the parish. I commend you and your staff on the service and products that you supply. We are pleased to be able to recommend your business to all who are seeking a reputable locksmith that respects and understands the customer’s needs.

Thank you,

Julie Martin

Ass. Parish Administrator

Moorooka-Salisbury Parish

Fantasic Service! All of the staff really went above and beyond to help me, even driving me around when I was locked out of my car! The repairs they have done on my car were done quickly and are of a very high quality and very reasonably priced. This level of service, quality and helpfulness is something you just don't find anymore and I can't recommend them highly enough! Thanks again so much to all the boys at Sylverkey!

Link to Testimonial

I would like to thank you for the services you provided whilst cutting four keys for my mother’s unit in Edith St Wynnum.  On advising the initial set of four keys were not suitable you re-cut them and provided four more.  These too were not suitable and you then had one of your staff visit her residence within minutes of my advice and appraise the situation. That resulted in the staff member removing the lock and returning to your shop to further appraise the situation.   This resulted in a further cutting of keys, re-visiting the residence and re-installing the lock whereupon the matter was brought to a successful conclusion.

This was done in a friendly atmosphere and at no extra cost to the customer.


Well done and thank you for your assistance.


Regards George M

Thanks Sylverkey,

That's just what we needed.


Peter Alexander


0438 288 028 |

Level 7, 123 Eagle St

Brisbane QLD 4000

GPO Box 2433

Brisbane QLD 4001

Telephone 07 3231 2207 | Fax 07 3832 4777

Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for yours and Tyron’s help on Friday and over the weekend.


Thanks again,



Assistant Portfolio Manager



Level 1, 202 Military Road

PO Box 322

Neutral Bay NSW 2089


T:  02 9908 0321

F:  02 9908 0344

M: 0429 777 052



Excellent service & staff. The keys they have cut form me always work unlike Bunnings and other hardware stores.

Link to Testimonial

Sylverkey came in and replaced all of the locks when we bought our first house. Great service, quick response and completed the job quickly with no fuss. I recommend them to any one who needs their locks changed.

link to testimonial

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